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If you love stationery, you will love minted!  It's an awesome US based marketplace and design community filled with independent artists who create stationery for all sorts of events.

I had my wedding menus designed and printed from minted which you can see in these images.  I lovvveee gold foil finish, the thick luxurious paper and the ability to edit and get proofs of the design before printing.

I also had my bridal shower invites, favour tags and my gold foil wedding thank you cards designed by minted.  (I do love it).  

There is such a huge range of designs and styles, to suit every event and theme.  You can select criteria from printing style e.g 'foil pressed' 'letterpress' to style e.g. 'bohemian' 'handdrawn' 'modern' to colour, to suit your event theme.   

And A Day Photography

If you're keen to try out minted, I have a referral code that gives you $25 off your order of over $100.  

CLICK HERE to access the link!

Super easy and fun!  Enjoy....

And A Day Photography

There's also a section to vote for new designs which the winners then make it onto the minted offerings, which is really fun!

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