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For some time now, the expensive traditional wedding ceremonies have been giving way to more personal and relaxed bohemian-style weddings. But this season, more than ever, boho weddings are all the rage. If you really want to feel like a princess on your special day, you will love the fairy-tale like atmosphere and ethereal feel as you walk down the aisle decorated in rustic colours, with natural details, and romantic features. Another bonus is that a dreamy wedding like this can be easily achieved if you have the right ideas. We give you a few suggestions.

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Out in the Nature

With a boho-themed wedding, there are really no restrictions in terms of the venue. Actually, the usual ballrooms and banquette halls are better avoided, since the decoration and atmosphere there do not go hand in hand with the free-spirited aura of this kind of wedding. The best spot is definitely any place outdoors. You should find a place that has some significance to you. It can be your backyard, an old barn where you played as a kid (a perfect choice if you are worried that rain might ruin your plans), or a beach where you met your future spouse. Wrap everything in yards of swaying fabric, take a step back, and admire the transformation.

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Romantic Lighting
When you have picked your venue, the planning and decorating can start. First thing you should take care of is creating the right mood. And the only really acceptable mood is a romantic one. How to achieve this? With lights, of course. Think candles, copper and bronze torches, lampions, and paper lanterns. A simple string with light bulbs hung from the ceiling or trees would look amazing. Basically, anything flickering and vintage. Remember that when the night sets in, you will need all the lighting you can find, so you can never go overboard when planning this detail.

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Centrepieces and Decoration
Bohemian style encourages you to unleash your creativity and give a personal touch to your wedding. Take your time and make as many d├ęcor piece on your own as possible. Concentrate on colourful ribbons, a lot of flowers, asymmetric patterns, retro items, and romantic scents. Instead of expensive centrepieces, place a scented candle on each table and wrap a piece of copper wire around it. Hang dream catchers from the ceiling. Another way to add whimsicality to the whole event is to set the table with mismatched tableware. Do not print place cards, but write them with your hand. These simple DIY projects will save you a ton of money, but more importantly you will have a unique wedding.

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Bridal Attire
With this wedding trend gaining in popularity, the stores are awash with 70s inspired wedding dresses. Look for a gown with fluttery lace and crocheted details in combination with natural, soft colours. Biscuit beige, gentle rose, or sky blue are a much better option than the traditional white. Sexy fringe and flirty feathers are for those who are more daring. Do not forget the inevitable flower crown, or at least a few mischievous tresses to round off the hippie look.

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Cake and Sweets
Naked wedding cakes are the newest trend in the wedding desserts field and they fit in perfectly into a boho chic wedding. Although to some they might seem bare and simple, it is precisely this simplicity that give you the freedom to decorate them any way you like. Sprinkle them with fresh fruits, or even cut flowers, and they will be very effective. For a more rustic touch, add some branches and leaves, or herbs. Instead of one big cake, you can also opt for miniature cakes. They are the cutest.

Author's Bio: Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl from Sydney, student of architecture and the editor-in-chief at Smooth Decorator. She loves writing about dreamy interiors and landscaping design. She is also into sustainability, where she gets the most of her inspiration from.

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