Wedding Cake Toppers

As a wedding stylist, I often get asked by my clients to recommend a cool,unique and on-trend cake topper for their wedding cake.. Here is a round up of my absolute favourites!  

Sources included below image so you can click the link and see what other customisable styles, fonts + colours these makers have available.

Here we go.....

floral watercolour cake toppers

wood cake toppers

tassel cake toppers

lazercut cake toppers

acrylic cake toppers

banner cake toppers

When choosing a cake topper, keep in mind the style of your cake.  You don't want to overpower or add to much to an already "busy" cake... - You want the cake topper to compliment and 'finish off' the cake as well as adding a personal touch.  Also keep in mind the rest of your stationery and decor for the room to ensure it suits nicely.

Happy cake topper hunting!

- Melissa