Blue & White China Love

I'm absolutely getting onboard the blue & white china trend!  I have been collecting for a little while and scattering them around our apartment with plans to create lots of vignettes in our country weekender that we're currently renovating! (Seems the only perfect choice with the white timber panel walls and dark floorboards that we're restoring!)

So many ways to use these lovely classic pieces in your home! 

Loving blue & white china plates hung on a wall in clusters...

Vases & ginger jars set in clusters on a table or mantle 

(especially when filled with some bright pink peonies or smooth blue hydrangeas)... 

Or dinnerware china of all different shapes, pattern & sizes all displayed in a white wood cabinet...

... or used in beautiful tablescapes set for family & friends, mixed with blue & white napery and silver or bamboo cutlery...

Or perfect as framed artwork...

Or simply as a statement vase in the center of a dining table, coffee table or side table!

All photos sourced from my Pinterest


  1. They are gorgeous! No wonder a lot has fallen for it. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  2. They are such classic, beautiful pieces! A good thing to collect as they'll never go out of style :)

    Abbey x

  3. Blue & white beauties...lovely images Melissa! We too are always on the hunt for more to add to our home collections. You can never have enough!! E & M xx

  4. It's the blue and white ginger jars that I am swooning over! I guess I better start collecting!


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