Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Fine Day Wedding Fair

We were lucky enough to be commissioned by the lovely Jess of Oscar & Ruby (She'd got a great blog, check it out!!) to do some vendor signs for her newly launched wedding fair called One Fine Day held at the wonderful Sun Studios in Alexandria last weekend.  

Here's a little roundup of a few of the signs Simon made.

Simon also handpainted a chalkboard welcome sign out the front of Sun Studios! 

chalkboard wedding sign ashdown & bee

chalkboard wedding sign ashdown & bee

Here are some more photos of the One Fine Day wedding fair 
- So much loveliness!! 

All photos by Serendipity Corner 
(& a couple of blurry iphone shots!)

Ashdown & Bee

Alot has been happening in my world lately, most importantly, my partner Simon & I have launched our new business called Ashdown & Bee!  

It's a joint venture combining Simon's signwriting & artwork and my styling & interior design work!

Please check out our brand new website here

We'll have a lot more portfolio photos coming soon, as well as more artwork by Simon! (Years of illustrations ready, I just need to scan and price them!).  

Art work is also available by commission so get intouch! 
We'd love to hear from you! 

Sign by Simon Murray | Ashdown & Bee

Sign by Simon Murray | Ashdown & Bee

Assistant Styling by Melissa Simonetta | Ashdown & Bee
Assistant Styling by Melissa Simonetta | Ashdown & Bee

p.s. We're also on facebook!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guest Post: Cool Kids Chairs

Hello, everyone! It's Mari here visiting from Arcadian Lighting, a fantastic place to go for light fixtures and online lighting news. One of my favorite things about writing for Arcadian Lighting is that I often have the wonderful opportunity to do guest posts for great blogs like Melissa Simonetta Stylist. 

Today's topic is all about cool kids seating. I love chairs in all styles and sizes, but there's something so cute and appealing about pint-sized seating. My favorites are the Mid-Century modern chairs in smaller versions for kids and style-conscious parents. Another great thing about kids rooms is the lighting possibilities are so fun. From hanging lights to lamps, lighting is key.Here are eight rooms with especially eye-catching seating. Please enjoy!

Kids Seating

This room starts baby out right with iconic Eames seatingan Eames rocker for Mom or Dad and the cute and enduring Elephant chair for fun when the newborn grows into a toddler.

Kids Seating

Another iconic chair is the Panton S chair, shown here along with a child-size Saarinen Tulip table.

Kids Seating

Great seating abounds in this stylish spacecool and colorful upholstered chairs and comfortable floor cushions for lounging. I love the quirky look of the hanging light fixture.

Kids Seating

Poufs in any style and shape are very popular right nowa must-have on lots of interior design lists. These colorful square ones are a perfect size to go with the handy wood work table.

Kids Seating

A diminutive version of the plastic Eames rocker is so cute in pink and just like Mom's chair might have, a white fur throw is draped over the back. Of course, a rocking horse is a fun seat.

Kids Seating

A little girl's dream room begins as a nursery and will grow with her through the years. I love the polka dot table and chairs. Parents have their own comfortable chair and ottoman for bedtime stories and lullabies.

Kids Seating

This stylishly chic black and white playroom offers acrylic tables and chairs as well as a comfortable contemporary armchair. Of course, the sporty little black roadster is probably the most used seat in the house.

Kids Seating

With all the style of its parent chair, this is a brightly colored smaller version of the LC2 chair designed in the '20s by Le Corbusier. I'm also loving the zebra rug, colorful bedding and cute little bedside lamp.

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

The possibilities with kids rooms are endless! One way to spruce up any room is to add unique lighting! Arcadian Lighting has a wide variety of lighting products that you and your children are sure to love! Click here!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Giant Balloon Party

Lords South Beach Tour

Don't you just want to spend a week or two at this fabulous hotel in Miami? 

Loving the yellow and blue in-you-face brights, and the bold use of patterns - and I can never go past piped lounges!!

Actually, make that a month or two!

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