Thanksgiving with Martha Stewart in NY

Back in November my partner and I visited New York City for a month where my sister and husband are currently living.

Months earlier I registered online for studio audience tickets for the Martha Stewart Show and guess what? I won 4 tickets!!

So my sister and I dragged our boys along to the studio in Chelsea 
(After buying them new shirts for Martha's strict COLOURFUL dress policy! 
- They also had no idea who Martha Stewart was, so were happy to come along!) 

It was a week before Thanksgiving when we were in NY, so we were lucky enough to go to the special Thanksgiving show

During the show, Martha and special guest Peter Facinelli from Twilight made some cornbread turkeys. (video here)

And made an easy paper turkey 

And chef Brad Farmerie made a thanksgiving feast with Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Chile CaramelCranberry-Kumquat Sauce, and Pumpkin Mousse Cheesecake.

We won a couple of audience prizes like a stationery set and body lotion. 
The whole thing was very cheezy, but was lots of fun and it was great meeting  Martha! (She looks amazing in real life for 70 years old!)

Here's some of my behind-the-scenes shots from my phone!


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