Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trend Alert: Chalkboard Wedding Signs

Chalkboard signs are a great styling prop for events (especially weddings!)  
They're versatile, customisable and add a quirky vintage charm.

They can be used as welcome signs, guest signbook, menu for dessert table, table numbers, place settings list & loads more!
Some ideas here!
Chalkboard wedding sign
Custom Chalk
Chalkboard wedding sign
Love & Lavendar
Chalkboard wedding sign
Project Wedding

Once Wed

Chalkboard wedding sign
Le Frufru
Chalkboard wedding sign
Dana Tanamachi

Chalkboard wedding sign
Snippit & Ink

Chalkboard wedding sign
The Fozzy Book

West Elm

For those who didn't know, my partner Simon is an amazing signwriter who can create custom blackboard signs of any size (& post within Australia or drop off within Sydney).  

For signage enquiries email

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trend Alert: Greek Key Blinds




The Nesting Game

Grosgrain Fabulous

Loving Greek Key blinds as a window treatment.
Would look good with most decors, making a bold statement in the room!   Can also be used in most rooms - lounge, dining bedroom, bath, kitchen....!

Def gonna install some in either my unit or our country holiday house!

Windows by Melissa on etsy make them in custom colour & sizing.
Any reccs on any amazing blinds/curtain makers in Australia?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Peter Alexander 25th Birthday Catalogue

Peter Alexander's massive 25th Birthday catalogue came out today!  It's fantastic.

Styled by the amazing Megan Morton, and assisted by myself, Laura Darling and Sophie The.

Here are some behind-the-scene shots I took mixed with some of the catalogue shots...

Knitted Cake

Knitted Balloons

Pancake Stack

Personalised labels on oversized champagne bottles

Party hats and champagne labels

Paper cake

Ribbon backdrop

The full catalogue can be viewed here or on my website

What's your fave PA year?

Dream Wedding Dress


From Ouma 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thanksgiving with Martha Stewart in NY

Back in November my partner and I visited New York City for a month where my sister and husband are currently living.

Months earlier I registered online for studio audience tickets for the Martha Stewart Show and guess what? I won 4 tickets!!

So my sister and I dragged our boys along to the studio in Chelsea 
(After buying them new shirts for Martha's strict COLOURFUL dress policy! 
- They also had no idea who Martha Stewart was, so were happy to come along!) 

It was a week before Thanksgiving when we were in NY, so we were lucky enough to go to the special Thanksgiving show

During the show, Martha and special guest Peter Facinelli from Twilight made some cornbread turkeys. (video here)

And made an easy paper turkey 

And chef Brad Farmerie made a thanksgiving feast with Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Chile CaramelCranberry-Kumquat Sauce, and Pumpkin Mousse Cheesecake.

We won a couple of audience prizes like a stationery set and body lotion. 
The whole thing was very cheezy, but was lots of fun and it was great meeting  Martha! (She looks amazing in real life for 70 years old!)

Here's some of my behind-the-scenes shots from my phone!


Coco Republic Design Workshop with Steve Cordony of Belle Magazine

Last night I had the chance to attend a design workshop at Coco Republic Design School which was presented by Belle Magazine's Interior Stylist, Steve Cordony.

Steve shared his fave prop sources in Sydney and gave tips on styling for magazines and events.

He also presented these 6 design trends for 2012.

1. Manhattan Glam
Think Tom Ford, monochromatic, black/white/grey/gold, heavy wood, chrome

Nest Design Studio
Nest Design Studio 

2. Belgium Luxe
Think washed back finishes, chalky whites, light grey, dusty hues, neutural with accent colours like green, linen, driftwood 


Interior of home in Belgium.  Love the touch of blue in the candles and pillow. 

3. Moroccan Dream
Think woven carpets, leather ottomans, geometrics, colorful patterns 


4. Hamptons Chic
Think Ralph Lauren, blue/white, monochromatic, bold geometric prints & stripes, wood, coral, vignettes, hedges 

The Lennoxx

Delight By Design
Good Girl Gone Glad

5. Neutral
Think white, nature as inspiration, wood, succulents, green, calm

My Big Topics
My Paradissi

6. Pop
Think Kelly Wearstler, eclectic, intense colour, quirky pieces 

Kelly Wearstler 

Kelly Wearstler  

My fave would def be Pop as I love quirky pieces and am so inspired by Kelly Wearstler.
I'm also loving Hamptons Chic and Manhattan Glam (Especially after my trip to NY a couple of months ago!)

Which is your fave style trend? 
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